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Sport is an aspect of educational activities that develops an individual in all ramification of life. It develops physically, emotionally, socially, recreationally, and promotes optimal health through participation in physical activities/games such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cricket, hockey, handball, tennis, and athletics.

There is this saying that a healthy man is a wealthy man and a healthy nation is always a wealthy nation. Therefore, it is expedient that emphasis be made on educational activities that can promote human health in our society, work environment and schools.

The importance of sport to human life and academic performance can-not be underrated, because sport is the only sun that dries all human health challenges and tears. One can think of a healthy mind only in a healthy body. Both physical and mental well-being is the prerequisites of great achievements in man’s life.

History shows that young men who excelled in the field in sports could prove their worth in academic, battlefield as valiant soldiers in later life and get the laurels of victory in this world.


  1. Ball games : (soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball)
  2. Ball and racket games: ( lawn tennis, table tennis, squash)
  3. Racket game: ( badminton)
  4. Ball and stick games: (cricket, field hockey)
  5. Aquatic sports: ( swimming, canoeing)
  6. Athletic events: ( track and field)
  7. Recreational activities: (indoor or outdoor)


Conclusion:It is not the sound and the fury that counts but effort in the right direction to make a mark. Keeping this in view, it is high time that we spot out our sports talents and provide all necessary facilities to train them properly so as to enable them to compete with world champions with no feelings of diffidence. So join us at Michael and Cecilia Ibru University (MCIU) as we help you develop and promote optimal health through sport participation.


Importance of sports

  1. Sports are sources of recreation.
  2. Sport is very essential to maintain health and physical fitness.
  3. Sport encourages the growth of team-spirit.
  4. Sports and games bring about various methods of diversions.
  5. Sport promotes academic performances.
  6. Sports and games impart a sense of discipline, and togetherness.
  7. Sport teaches the value of time and time management.
  8. Sports and game helps to make leisure hours worthwhile.
  9. Sport and games helps to adapt quickly to environmental changes through the spirit of sportsmanship.
  10. Sports develop physical fitness.


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