Seminar On Magic Of Fibonacci
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Seminar On Magic Of Fibonacci

Seminar On Magic Of Fibonacci


The Michael and Cecilia Ibru University (MCIU) organized a workshop on Saturday, 14th February, 2017 at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Power of Faith Building of the institution. The workshop was delivered by Mr. Edwin Akabuilo, an Information Technology ( IT) specialist, who is based in Switzerland. The topic of the workshop was “Learning from Nature” while the theme centered on “Magic of Fibonacci Numbers”.

The idea behind the workshop, according to Mr. Akabuilo, was for the participants to have their foot prints before the end of their journeys on earth so that they could create or invent something that people would remember them for. According to him, “God has given us the ability to aspire and become whatever we set our minds to achieve; it is therefore left for us to identify that special ability that God has given us to impact the world.”


The focus of the seminar/workshop was to promote the social development of young people as individuals and as responsible citizens in future.


A 15 minute group workshop exercise was carried out on Mathematics and each group discussed how each problem was solved. 10 mixed groups were drawn up from the University, College of Education and Demonstration Secondary School students.

The essence of the group brain-cracking, activity according to Mr. Akabuilo, is to think collectively (Team Work), logically, critically and creatively. At the end of the exercise, group leaders made their presentations and discussed how they were able to think and solve the problems. They were applauded and it was a great fun. Mr. Edwin Akabuilo was highly impressed with the performance and articulation of the students. He advised them to be committed to the study of Mathematics because there is Mathematics in all that we do.

Another exercise was carried out by the combined students. They went out in their numbers to find the Fibonacci flowers (Fibonacci sequence). Mr. Akabuilo noted that one could use the Fibonacci to solve most of our challenges. He accentuated that to become anything in life, one has to have conviction and determination to see the ambition come to pass.” Whatever you have to become, start now because there is no time like now”. Mr. Akabuilo further enjoined participants to strive to be the best in their fields of study, “To succeed in life, you have to aspire, practice and you would ultimately become the master of your life”.

In her closing remarks, Dr. (Mrs.) Cecilia Ibru, the Co-founder of the university thanked the facilitator for taking the students through the concept of Mathematics in solving life problems. She noted that life itself revolves round Fibonacci. She appreciated the fact that a seed has been sewn into the life of the students which would go a long way in helping them face their studies and life mathematically and religiously. Dr. (Mrs.) Ibru finally concluded that nature was being interpreted through mathematical thinking (Fibonacci).


The seminar/workshop was a huge success. In view of this, all the participants gave a standing ovation to Mr. Edwin Akabuilo for his interesting lecture. It all ended on a good note and the participants were more fulfilled

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