Free-Access Electronic Information Resources

  1. Free Book
  2. DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
  3. BIOMed Central
  4. Chemistry Central (Open access to Chemistry)
  5. Zaccheus Onumba Diziaeze Memorial Libraries (ZODMC)
  6. Free Medical Journals
  7. African e-journals Project
  8. Internet Scientific Publications (one of the World’s Largest Online Medical Publishers)
  9. Dentistry 2000
  10. Internet Scientific Publications (one of the World’s Largest Online Medical Publishers)
  11. PLOS (Public Library of Science)
  12. PLOS Medicine (
  13. PLOS Biology (
  14. PLOS Genetics (
  15. PLOS Pathogens (
  16. PLOS Computational Biology (
  17. PLUS Neglected Tropical Diseases (
  18. PLOS one (All areas of Science and medicine) (
  19. Medknow Publications
  20. Scholarly Exchange
  21. Hindawi Publishing Corporation
  22. Journals in Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science,Dentistry, Ecology, Engineering, Geosciences, Material Science, Math, Medicine, Neuroscience, Nursing, Pharmacology, Physics, Social Science
  23. AqZines: A Harvest of free Agricultural Journals (United States Agricultural Information Network)
  24. dmoz Open directory project (Agricultural Publications)
  25. dmoz Open directory project Science: Biology: Publications: Journals
  26. dmoz Open directory project Science: Technology; Materials, Journals
  27. dmoz Open directory project Science Publications journals
  28. dmoz Open directory project Science Publication
  29. Bentham Open (various fields)
  30. Selected Scientific journals Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agronomy, Crop Science
  31. AJFUND ONLINE (African journal of Food Agriculture Nutrition and Development)
  32. Life Sciences and Agricultural Journals
  33. HireWire (Stamford University)
  34. ABC Chemistry (free full-text Journals in Chemistry)
  35. Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, University of Nevada, Reno
  36. Strategian (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics and Psychology)
  37. IOP Science (Physics, Science and Technology)
  38. Natural Resources Canada (Geological Survey of Canada) URCAN Library – Van Couver (Earth Science)
  39. Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS Journals) (Wiley Interscience)
  40. Online Particle Physics Information (Particle Physics Journals & Reviews)
  41. Physics Journals
  42. PhysNet (Physics related free-access Journals)
  43. Biotechnology (Applied Biochemistry)
  44. org (Cornell University Library) (Physics, Mathematics, Nonlinear Sciences, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, Statistics)
  45. American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications (Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry)
  46. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering
  47. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering
  48. University of Delawire Library (Electronic Journals for Chemical Engineering)
  49. Free Download Engineering/Science/Technology books
  50. Chemical Forums
  51. Gateway for free e-journals (over 700 free e-journals in various fields)
  52. Versita (Central European Science Publishers) (Various Fields)
  53. International Institute for Science, Technology & Education (IITSTE)
  54. International Organisation of Scientific Research (IOSR)
  55. The Free Library


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